The Best Varieties of Watermelon for Growing

Jun. 24, 2021

Experienced vegetable gardeners are a bit like fishermen who brag about their catch. They measure their success as gardeners by the size of the fruit in their watermelon patch. Growing watermelons in your home garden is easy - if you have the right conditions and you choose the best type of watermelon.


Watermelons are native to Africa and thrive in warm, humid conditions. They need at least 90 sunny, warm days to ripen, and large picnic types can take up to 130 days to mature. This poses a problem for northern gardeners, where the typical growing season can be as short as 80 days.


To cope with the short growing season, northern gardeners must think strategically. Try planting seedlings instead of watermelon seeds and putting black plastic mulch on the soil two weeks before planting. Black plastic mulch heats the soil by 10 degrees so you can plant early. And, once you've planted, those little seedlings grow faster because they are kept warm.

Watermelons need full sun and fertile soil to promote healthy leaf and vine development. Dig up a few inches of compost or fertilizer before planting and fertilize watermelons after the plants begin to bloom. Keep the soil evenly moist, but not soggy. Try using a drip irrigation system or soaker system instead of overhead sprinklers. These methods deliver water directly to the plant's roots and reduce the chance of spreading fungal diseases from wet leaves.


Most importantly, choose varieties that are known to perform well in your region. For example, in the north, gardeners should plant smaller watermelon varieties that mature earlier than larger varieties. Here are some of the best watermelon seeds varieties to grow

 Black Jing Chinese Pure Black Hybrid Watermelon

Black Jing Chinese Pure Black Hybrid Watermelon

Black Jing Chinese Pure Black Hybrid Watermelon Seed

Pure black skin. Vigorous growth. Requiring approx. 32 days to mature from flowering.


1. Pure black skin. Vigorous growth.

2. Requiring approx.32 days to mature from flowering.

3. Fruit in oval shape. Mature fruit weight 10-15 kg.

4. Scarlet flesh. Central soluble solids content 11.5%.

5. High resistance to diseases.

6. Good for storage and transportation.

7.Very good variety for extensive cultivation.

Mini Seedless Watermelon

Mini Seedless Watermelon     


Character of Mini seedless watermelon seeds

1. Red Baby is a mini seedless watermelon with thin and firm rind, excellent flavor, beautiful appearance and good quality.

2. Average fruit is about 1.5kg. 

3. It has deep red flesh with lycopene and high sugar content (central solids content 13%).

4. Glossy black rind with very light stripes.

5. Suitable for cultivation both in greenhouse and in open field. Wide adaptability.


Cultivation point

1. Different area with different plant season, according to the local climate.

2. Timely and right amount use sufficient base manure and top application.

3. Soil: deep ,rich, good irrigate condition, sunny.

4. Growth temperature(°C): 18 to 30.

5. Fertilizer: farmyard manure primarily, add phosphate fertilizer and potash fertilizer.


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